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The students in these programs typically consist of working professionals, who take a light course load for a longer period of time until the graduation requirements are met.

For working professionals who cannot take time off work to attend full-time, there is the part-time MBA program. With the part-time MBA program, you can work full-time while attending MBA classes on days off or in the evenings. Many colleges and universities offer part-time as well as full-time MBA programs. When exploring the option of a part-time MBA program, you should consider the following points.

Part time MBA programs normally hold classes on weekday evenings, after normal working hours. Part time programs normally last 3 years or more.

A part-time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. Workers are considered to be part-time if they commonly work fewer than 30 or 35 hours per week.According to the International Labour Organization, the number of part-time workers has increased from one-fourth to a half in the past 20 years in most developed countries, excluding the United States.There are many reasons for working part-time, including the desire to do so, having one's hours cut back by an employer and being unable to find a full-time job. The International Labour Organisation Convention 175 requires that part-time workers be treated no less favourably than full-time workers.

The part-time program is particularly appealing to people who wish to advance their existing career. They can also be advantageous for people who have already developed a network of business relationships that can facilitate a change of careers.